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  • 73 million Americans listen to podcasts at least every month*
  • 16 million people in the US are “avid podcast fans”*
  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K* *Nielsen Q1 2018

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What Can Podcast Get Booked Do For YOU?

Done-For-You Podcast Booking Service

We do all the to-do's so you can focus on servicing your clients.

Skyrocket Visibility

Podcast Hosts personally introduce YOU to hundreds, if not thousands, of their trusting followers.

Personal Connections

Sheila uses her massive Roledex to connect YOU with some of the world's leading Podcast hosts.

What Can Sheila Galligan Do For You?

Get You Booked on Podcasts

Sheila Galligan pulls out her personal Roledex of hundreds of global business leaders and service-based entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers, and game-changers and books you on the most relevant and popular Podcast for YOU and your ideal audience.

Save You Time and Money

Trust Sheila to do all the ground work of researching, listening to dozens of podcasts, contacting and following up with all the hosts, making sure all your T's are crossed and I's dotted, so YOU can focus on your clients today, tomorrow, all well into the future. Time is Money!

Encourage YOU to Have Some Fun!

Sheila takes all the worry away by getting YOU booked on relevant and popular Podcasts so you can have FUN with the host and community. So when you are playful, and relaxed, more people like, trust, and buy from you.

See What Sheila's Clients Say

Sheila delivered what she promised!

Sheila booked me as a guest speaker on 4 podcasts. And as a result, I just received an email from someone who heard one of my podcast interviews and they booked a strategy call with me. Plus, I got booked as a guest on another podcast. I am so grateful for Sheila's help and reliability. If you want to be booked on podcasts, I highly recommend you hire Sheila!

April Yvette // Meaningful Fame for Meaningful Impact

Sheila’s done-for-you Podcast Matchmaker service is like a dream come true!

This will save me dozens of hours every month researching podcasts, listening to potential fits, drafting emails, sending pitches, etc. If you’re looking to grow your audience and boost your sales without the massive time commitment (or headaches) of trying to be your own PR firm, this is well worth your investment!

Jillian Lamb

Sheila Galligan’s skill, talents and commitment to excellence ranks her in the top tier of professionals

Over the last twenty years I have worked with many project managers handling diverse and complex operations. Sheila Galligan’s skill, talents and commitment to excellence ranks her in the top tier of those professionals. Sheila was responsible for helping me get on my very first telesummit that she fully managed. She made the experience both enjoyable and beneficial for everyone involved. Many of the people that I connected with at that event remain part of my professional and personal circles years later. She has my highest regard and complete confidence

Kathi C. Laughman // CPC ELI-MP

Sheila Recently Met Hundreds Of Top Podcast Hosts LIVE

Steve Olsher's New Media Summit Austin, TX - Sept 2018

LIVE events are always a FUN way to meet new game-changing professionals and pave the way for collaboration opportunities.

Sheila's natural knack for developing relationships enables YOU to skip to the head of the line and get booked on relevant podcasts perfect for YOU.

It's all in the relationships - priceless!

Plans to Launch Own Podcast in 2019 and Feature Clients and Go-To Experts

Since 2010 Sheila has interviewed 250 of the top global change-makers (via Virtual Summits) there are many more to learn from and introduce you to:)!

Now Sheila has turned her full focus and mission to getting YOU booked on relevant podcasts - so you too get hooked on the power of interviews to quickly skyrocket visibility, clients, and cash.

Intro Program Includes:

Free Exploration Call - 15 minutes

  • Discover the growing popularity of Podcast Guesting
  • Learn why Podcasts are growing at an 20% growth year after year
  • Decide if a personalized podcast booking service is a good option for YOU

Welcome to Intro Program

  • Self-schedule 30-min strategy call on Podcast placement wish-list
  • Create media one-sheet (template provided) for review and editing
  • Customized pitching and rehearsal
  • Self-schedule 3-lazer calls to review and learn about podcast options
  • Scheduling & confirmation
  • Confirm 3 placements in 90-days (aired date may be later)
  • Replacement if show cancels
  • Acquire 100% organic SEO back-links

3 Podcast Placements Relevant for YOU Within 90 Days - $597 Investment

Start 2019 off with some serious visibility and relationship building.

Compare to other services at $400/month for 1 booking. Price increases Feb 1, 2019.

Includes podcast host online marketing, forever media footprint, SEO, social media marketing tools.

Who is Sheila Galligan?

Sheila made $2000 in 3 hours online while sitting at her Mom's hospital bedside and that moment declared she was going to figure out how to earn a good living AND live life all at the same time! Nobody should have to choose between being with their dying Mom OR earning a living.

Sheila was just fired from Corporate America - economy exploding - and was slipping into foreclosure and getting notices to shut off electricity. So she desperately created an online organizing day, from her Mom's hostipal bedside, and made $2K to pay bills for one month. Sheila's Mom was hooked and admitted this might work after all - Sheila might have found her purpose and life calling at 45 yrs old (better late than never) - helping more people and making money from anywhere on her laptop.

Since that day in 2010 Sheila has helped hundreds of game-changing coaches, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs LIVE OUTLOUD by showing them how to collaborate with other experts, to grow their visibility, community, and income through the power of interviews.

250 global experts have been personally interviewed by Sheila (grew list to 7,800 within 18 months) and has helped launch and manage Virtual Summits for top speakers such as Lisa Sasevich, and Alison McKenzie, and many others.

The year is 2018 and Sheila has reinvented herself again, driven by her life purpose and mission, and is the Founder and CEO of Podcast Get Booked - Let Us Book You On Relevant Podcasts and Turn Visibility Into Ca$h. Sheila plans to launch her own Podcast in 2019.

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See what Sheila's Virtual Summit guests said

"Interviews are the way to stand out… and nobody does them better than Sheila Galligan"

"Interviews are the way to stand out… and nobody does them better than Sheila Galligan" I recommend this strategy to anyone who wants to stand out in their field, and there’s no one better to teach how to do it than Sheila Galligan. Follow her tips and learn how to be more than a resource… but how to be a resource LEADER and turn that into income for you.” - Nancy Marmolejo

"Sheila’s authentic and to-the-point nature, along with her heart and intuition, make her a ...

Beautiful host of this much needed event." For those of us who are inspired to “Go BIG”… the guidance and wisdom lying within this event will be life changing.“ -- Sage Lavine, Purpose to Prosperity

“I had a great time being interviewed by Sheila Galligan for the GO BIG Summit.

Her interview style was relaxed and conversational while maintaining professionalism. This will certainly lend to the already great content that is being shared throughout the GO BIG Summit. I’m honored to have been able to participate!” Tom Buford – “The Info Product Coach”

"When you want to Go Big, Sheila’s the one to show you the way."

Her Go Big Summit is packed with real-life, doable strategies you can use right away in your business. She brings out the best from her guests in these interviews. If you’re serious about going BIG, then check out this great summit series. - James Roche – Business Coach

Sheila's growing Podcast guest appearances for 2018 and 2019 skyrocket her (and yours) visibility, credibility, and income


Is there a cost to Sheila's 15-min Podcast Chat? -- No

Once we talk am I obligated to hire Sheila? -- No

What will we talk about? -- Podcasts in general; what Podcasts have you listened to, have you interviewed on any, etc

Will Sheila help brainstorm the best podcasts for me to be on? -- Yes

Will Sheila help brainstorm my host pitch? -- Yes

When is intro price deadline? -- Jan 31, 2019